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19.4°C36% O a 0.0km/h1014.2 hPa0.0 mm0.0 mm/h0.0 mm
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19.4°C17.8°C0.0  índice104  W/m² 7:2118:02Tercer Octante

Vinaròs and his weather

Welcome to meteovinaros.com

Hello Meteovinaros visitors. I would tell you a little the origin of the Web:

When I was a kid I was fascinated to hear people from the sea (Vinaròs is a coastal city) and watching the clouds and said "the next three days will mestral" or "rain tomorrow" happened. This, for a child like me impressed. That some men only lift his head and look at the sky knew the time would do the next day was incredible, of course at that time the technical tools they carried in fishing boats were very rudimentary and distrusted most of your experience meteorological observers of these instruments. And no need to comment at that time was not on duty the Maldonado television saying that that "tomorrow will be rough seas in the Mediterranean."

Additionally, these comments also weather could be heard in the houses, bars, or any clique talked for a while. Listening to me began to pique curiosity about this fascinating skill and when I started to notice the kinds of wind that had or if the lift comes from the east or the west is hot or cold north wind.

The passing of the years I was working at a company where there was a small weather station (if you can call it that) who was only home a rain gauge and a mercury thermometer that gave the maximum and minimum. A man in the laboratory section went every morning at 8.15 hours to take measurements and pointed in a notebook. When the job allowed me (I belonged to another section) was to ask the day's data, just curious.

For work and family was a few years without being able to pay attention to my hobby, but always glancing at the sky and with less success than the sailors from my childhood, since in the wisdom of storms and storm I would not skin.

Over time, the "bug" I was itching more. I tried to make me a very primitive gauge which had a slight idea of the water fall, he was replaced by a prefabricated half only up to 30 liters, meaning that as you were not the side when full and empty are not you knew of the rainfall. The rest of the data obtained with one of these stations had or have the Watches hung on the door of entry with barometer, hygrometer and thermometer maximum / minimum. Fortunately, as stated in a zarzuela "advance time is an outrage"and appeared online. When I had it, I immediately informed of where to acquire more precise instruments and wiring I installed a rain gauge measuring up to 99,999 liters.

As I was able to purchased a weather station "Oregon Scientific" and it was wonderful. Providing information to the winds, the daily rainfall, the intensity of it, ...etc.

At that time my dream to get more data than was that these data should be reflected automatically somewhere to have historical and observe. After a long search for a weather program for your computer compatible with my station, I found a shop in the end they told me that within three months would be the solution to my problem. So, install it, was in English and very small but it was what he found. However, the director of the weekly in my town found out and asked me to pass him information but had problems with the weather station Oregon Scientific. "Now, I have installed a station "wireless Davis Vantage Pro2 Plus with its connection to PC via Weatherlink in its last version.

I enjoy watching so much data, comparing, observing the reactions, ...etc. I wanted to share in some way and I thought my countrymen as I'd love to know what has rained today in your city or for example, during the month. Maybe I'm wrong and no one's interest but what I can tell you is that this site is made with great enthusiasm and serve these lines to give my thanks to all who contributed to it.

Thanks for visiting.